Dibujo en dos páginas porque soy re pro B) #jaja #requeno #wip #maimaiarte

"Ansiedad". Acrílico sobre madera, 11x12cm



(Fuente: popobana)


Ursula and Naoko sketch! #ghibli


Muddy Colors: Art for Exposure

“I’m writing this totally cool book; I’d like you to illustrate it. Do you have to be paid, or will the exposure be enough?”

for all my fellow artists out there

Terminado! Gracias por acompañarme a esta noche de pintura (? #painting #paintingnight

Casi casi #painting #paintingnight

La pintura me revivió y me hizo dibujar esto, ahora a ponerle color.. vamos a ver que sale!

Segunda tanda de aros cocinandose! Ya salen ya salen :D #aros #handmade #maimaiarte

ARTIST: Pixies / Volt 44
TRACK: Where Is My 8bit Mind?

(Fuente: l19lu)


Just added this cute design to TeePublic 
Buy here: LINK for $14!


pink glove, another awesome artist who is a part of AFA’s life with this piece, wow right?